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Good taste is the aesthetic balance of good design and functionality – developed through study, intelligence, observation and action. A room must represent thought, and as the expression of function and material increases, the more a “work of art” it becomes. My approach to achieving this involves combining hot elements to create cool designs. – Cheryl Murphy, Designer

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Meet the Designer:
Cheryl Murphy

As an interior and exterior designer, my job is to interpret my clients’ needs. My goal is to successfully analyze an environment for function – and to then create harmony, unity and balance within it for timeless enjoyment.

I’m well-versed in product knowledge and application, including flooring, upholstery, window treatments and space planning. My forte is colour and I work with many builders on colour specifying.

I offer comprehensive design services – from concept to final installation. I work with both commercial and residential clients, and no job is too big or small. Additionally, all of my tradespeople are licensed, bonded and insured, and provide services with the highest standards.

I invite you to learn more about some of my notable commercial projects, as well as view a collection of news articles featuring my work.

interior and exterior design services

cheryl murphy, interior and exterior designer

Cheryl Murphy, Designer

Education and Training

Originally from Alberta, Canada, I studied design at the University of Alberta, and also at the New York School of Interior Design before moving to Alaska in 1996. Shortly after arriving, I went to work at Curtis and Campbell, and in 2003 I started my interior design firm – Hot Elements – in Anchorage, Alaska, before moving back to Canada.

My experience extends beyond interior and exterior design and includes handmade jewelry, as well. I received metalsmith training at the University of Alaska Anchorage, and combine those skills with the elements and principles of design to create pieces of “wearable art” that incorporate the elements of the earth.